iCOM IS A FLEXIBLE, OPEN AND SCALABLE SOLUTION to transfer the philosophy of mobile digitalization into rail business by maximal flexibility and control.

  • Compatible with various train architectures
  • Connectivity with all relevant KB products
  • Open architecture to support third-party products
  • Create synergies by using additional functionalities of product groups
  • Hardware and Operating System independence

iCOM - Digitalization of Rail Business

Saving potentials:

  • Increased vehicle availability and reduction in operating costs
  • Less wear and tear
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Reduction of CO2 Emission

iCOM Monitor

Monitors and analyzes the vehicle system and the infrastructure and provides information relating to the system status and prognosis of services requirements. From reactive and corrective maintenance to condition based maintenance.


  • Online monitoring of vehicle and component condition
  • Preventive maintenance to increase vehicle availability and optimizing maintenance and utilization costs
  • Own development of dynamic reports, analysis and applications

Reference projects world-wide

iCOM Assist

Advanced driver advisory for energy efficient and economic driving with improved punctuality and energy savings up to 15% for passenger and freight operations.


  • Less costs for energy and operation
  • Sustainable improvement for the operation
  • Dynamic run optimization
  • Reduction of wear and tear
  • Simply implementation and semi-automatic integration of topography- and time table data

iCOM Meter

Energy management covering data collection and visualization of consumption and regeneration energy. Measurement of energy consumption is the base for energy efficient operation. According to EN 50463.


  • Live overview of the energy consumption parameters of the rail vehicle
  • Comprehensive data analysis to convert and improve the train operation
  • Study of the performance of the vehicle on a specific railway track
  • Optimization of maintenance and service works

iCOM Contacts

Dirk Seckler
Tel.: +49 89 3547 180407

Markus Schumann
Tel.: +49 89 3547 182486



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iCOM - Digitalization of Rail Business 

Reference projects world-wide